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One-Day Training Workshop


Volume Lash is a technique performed by experienced LashDolls. This workshop is designed to teach students how to multi-lash pick-up, placement techniques, and the principles of application with a focus on precision and speed taught by our knowledgeable instructors. In addition to practical theories, training and demonstrations. Our workshops provide you with the opportunity to learn and perfect your new skills.

Compared to classic lash extensions, where you can only SAFELY attach one eyelash extension to each natural lash. Volume Lashes (also known as 3D – 9D lashes) can have anywhere from 3 to 8 super fine extensions applied to a single natural eyelash. The method for applying these super light extensions is called, creating a “fan,” (NO CLUSTERS ARE NOT FANS) then which are carefully attached to a single natural lash. This technique allows for 200-400 or more extensions to be applied per eye and gives your lashes unbelievable dense and lush look. Our fabulous lash wrapping technique gives the client better lash retention, which always make the clients even happier and lashes lasting longer.

Lash Me Lounge Workshop teaches the newest volume lash techniques, using advanced precision application system. Lash Me Lounge experienced trainers provide a one-day hands-on workshop in a small classroom environment, so there is more one on one training received.

What will be Covered in our Hands-On Workshops

 Certification will be awarded upon the successful completion of the class. Once you become certified you will know how to apply lashes safely and beautifully no matter what brand of lashes you choose to use. Upon graduation, you’ll receive your LashDoll Certificate and the confidence to establish yourself at the forefront of your industry. There is no requirement to purchase anything to keep their certification active. Direct access to the instructor is available for mentoring.



To schedule a private salon training session for you or owners of lash salons, we will need to set up a phone interview with our Master Trainer.


Volume lash workshop up coming schedule

March 11 2019 volume

May 20 th 2019 Volume

July 15 th 2019 volume

Oct 14th 2019volume

  • Quicker Preparation Techniques

  • How many Volume Upgrade lashes you can safely apply

  • Multi lash Pick-up Techniques

  • 2 - 3 D Lashes/3 - 6 D Lashes

  • Taping Technique for Speed

  • Design Techniques

Clinical (5 Hours):
  • Hands-on instruction to applying the perfect set of lashes (with models)

  • Performance evaluation

  • Course exam

  • Certification

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